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Road Hero Space Saver Alloy Wheel +Tyre

This ALLOY WHEEL space saver spare wheel by Road Hero is an essential bit of kit for any driver. The kit comprises lightweight alloy wheel with tyre fitted plus jack and extending wheel brace in one bag, with another containing warning triangle, Hi-Viz vest, kneeling mat, gloves, rain poncho and head torch.


If the results show a range of alloy wheels it means there is no separate Space Saver listed for your vehicle.

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Space Saver Kit

Kit for fitting Space Saver

A major benefit of this spare wheel is that it takes up hardly any room in your boot, only 4×15/18” depending on your car. We have options available for practically every car make and model and you can choose either an alloy or steel wheel type. With this spare wheel, you are prepared for any road-side emergency as it makes changing a wheel quick and simple.

Roads are often in poor condition which damages wheels and tyres; many circumstances can lead to a tyre or wheel malfunctioning and you need to be ready if one bursts, gets a puncture or breaks. Keeping this space saver spare wheel in the vehicle offers peace of mind and there will still be plenty of storage space left. Whether you drive a Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, Renault or any other vehicle make for that matter, we are sure to have the wheel that is right for you.

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