Returns Policy, Damage in Transit, Guarantees


If you are not local or do not wish to call in person, you can order by TELEPHONE or FAX or POST
(Sending card details by Email is NOT secure)

  • We need to know:
    • Your Details:
      • Full Name
      • Address including postcode
      • Telephone numbers (land-line)
    • Your Vehicle Details
      • Make
      • Model
      • Engine
      • Year
      • Current Tyre Size
      • Number of wheel studs
      • Source of vehicle: UK or Secondary Import
    • Wheels wanted:
      • Make
      • Style
      • Size
      • Finish
    • Tyres wanted:
      • Make
      • Pattern
      • Size
    • Extras wanted:
      • see Extras Page
    • Payment by Credit/Debit Card:
      • Number
      • Start Date
      • Expiry Date
      • Issue Number (Switch only)
      • Start Date (some cards)
      • Security Code (last 3 numbers on the back of the card)
    • Other Methods of Payment
      • Send a Cheque by Post with order details
      • Please ask for my Bank details if you wish to pay by Electronic Transfer (essential for Export Sales)

Your delivery address must be the same as the credit/debit/charge card you are using.

We can arrange delivery to a secondary address, eg, Workplace or Garage if preferred, provided we are satisfied the purchase is genuine.

We need full details of your vehicle to ensure we supply wheels in the correct fitment. We need to know about your present tyres even if changing tyre size to ensure the replacements are the same overall diameter.

Sometimes we also need to know if your car has 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 wheel studs, as it is not always obvious from the vehicle specification.

As long as we have full vehicle details we guarantee the wheels will fit correctly. It is too expensive to send the wrong wheels and then fetch them back!

Please note that where wheel pictures on the web pages show 5 fixing holes, the same wheels are usually available to fit 4-stud cars and vice-versa. Most wheels are available to fit most cars.





  1. Under the Distance Selling Regulation you have the right to return the goods with 7 days of delivery, at your expense, and a full refund will be given after inspection if the wheels and/or tyres are in perfect condition.
  2. Whilst we make every effort to ensure we send the correct wheels and/or tyres for your vehicle: in the unlikely event there is an error we will replace the goods as soon as possible – providedĀ you have given us the correct vehicle details as listed above
  3. If the wheels are the wrong fitment, we will NOT accept for return any wheels which have had tyres fitted (unless fitted by ourselves), or wheel and tyre combinations which have been used (run on the road)
  4. It is therefore IMPORTANT you check that the wheels supplied fit the vehicle hubs and clear the brake mechanism and steering components BEFORE FITTING TYRES
  5. It is also IMPORTANT to check that tyres do not foul the bodywork of the car before driving.
  6. If wheels have to be returned it is essential they are returned UNMARKED in the original packing
  7. We will not accept for return any goods which have been specially ordered in or machined or drilled to your specification.
  8. EXPORT SALES: We will not accept any exported wheels for return unless they are faulty, in which case they will be replaced, or we have made an error by sending the wrong wheels.




  1. All goods we send to you will be in new condition (unless stated otherwise)
  2. It is IMPORTANT that you check the parcels when they are delivered and note ANY damageĀ BEFORE signing: if damage is obvious write this on the POD form or if the delivery driver has a handheld computer for signing write “damaged” instead of your name.
  3. If goods should suffer damage in transit this must be notified to us within 24 hours by telephone and confirmed by letter or fax – giving details of the damage and location of the goods. Wrapping must be retained for inspection by the carrier.
  4. We will notify the carrier of the problem and arrange for inspection and agree replacement or allowance as soon as possible




  • Tyres
    • All new tyres carry a Manufacturer’s Warranty. If a tyre becomes faulty before the tread has worn to the legal limit it can be returned to the manufacturer for inspection. An appropriate allowance will be made if a manufacturing fault is found
    • If the fault is due to “misuse in service” such as overloading or poor maintenance, or physical damage such as kerbing or impact damage, then no allowance will be made
  • Wheels
    All wheels carry a Manufacturer’s Warranty, normally 12 months. If a structural fault is found within this period it will be replaced free of charge. If a fault develops with the paint finish it will be repainted or replaced at the manufacturer’s discretion. We cannot offer any warranty on the diamond turned finish of replica wheels.
  • NOTE
    Tyres and wheels are separate items. Even if bought at the same time, replacement of one item does not imply the other will also be replaced: nor will we pay for the costs of changing wheels and/or tyres unless agreed in advance
  • Exhausts
    All exhausts carry a Manufacturer’s Warranty as stated on your receipt. If a component fails due to corrosion it will replaced free of charge. If the failure is mechanical, for instance due to the exhaust catching on anti-speed ramps, or caused by excess vibration due to worn engine mountings it may be repaired or replaced at our discretion
  • Batteries
    All batteries carry a Manufacturer’s Warranty as stated on your receipt. If a battery fails within the period we reserve the right to charge and test the battery to determine that the problem is in fact a faulty battery, which will be replaced, rather than an electrical fault on the vehicle
  • Brakes
    All brake components carry a Manufacturer’s Warranty that the products are made to the correct specification for your vehicle. No guarantee can be given as regards the wear rate or ongoing functionality of brake components
  • Wheel Balancing
    7 day guarantee, free re-balance if required
  • Wheel Alignment
    7 day guarantee, free adjustment if required
  • Other Items
    Manufacturer’s warranty, please ask
  • Puncture Repairs
    Carried out to appropriate standards but no guarantee given
    If you have any replacement or remedial work carried out by another firm, we will not re-imburse your expenses without prior agreement
  • EXPORT GUARANTEES. Any goods we supply will normally carry a manufacturers guarantee. We warrant that all goods we send will be in perfect condition when shipped and with additional adequate packing to avoid damage in transit. In the event of any problems arising, and due to the high delivery costs involved for export orders, the buyer will be responsible for the transport costs of returning and replacing any faulty items if we are unable to claim from the carriers or manufacturers.