Government Announces Funds To Fight Congestion

Chancellor Philip Hammond has announced a new wave of spending to help cities and towns across the UK fight congestion.

In total, the government will release £800 million to help deal with traffic hotspots on the UK’s road network, the Express reported.

Of this money, £90 million will be awarded to councils in the north of England to help them tackle serious pinch points on roads, while the Midlands will receive £23 million.

In addition, a competition fund worth £690 million will be set up, giving councils across England the chance to access additional cash to help them make improvements to local road systems. However, the mechanism for applying for these funds has yet to be revealed.

AA president Edward King OBE welcomed the government’s commitment to further infrastructure projects. He commented that the urban congestion competition “should help”, adding: “The government needs to work faster in tackling congestion without compromising safety.”

However, there was no clarity on potential tax changes for diesel cars, with the chancellor simply stating that more detail on this area of policy will be provided in the Autumn Statement later this year.

David Bizley, RAC chief engineer, described the omission as “a warning shot to diesel drivers”, and said that the continuing uncertainty surrounding diesel cars will be a worry for both private motorists and business drivers.

One positive for motorists is that Mr Hammond left the freeze on fuel duty in place for the seventh successive year.

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