How To Make Your Alloys Shine

If you’ve invested in 16” van alloys you’ll want to make sure they look the part as much of the time as possible. It’s inevitable that they’ll get dirty at times, but what you need to know is how to make them shine again.

One of the keys is to regularly clean your alloy wheels, as brake dust is one of the things that can quickly corrode them – and something that you can’t avoid your alloys coming into contact with.

Begin by rinsing your wheels off to get rid of all the dirt and brake dust. Next you should wash them carefully with a soft, wet sponge to remove any remaining dirt.

Step three is to use an alloy cleaning product to properly clean the wheels. When you’re shopping for one of these products, take care to choose one that’s non-acidic, otherwise you risk damaging the finish of the alloys.

Last year Auto Express reviewed a number of alloy cleaners that are available in the UK and that do a good job of getting rid of the grime without damaging the wheels.

Among the cleaning products recommended by the publication are Bilt Hamber auto-wheel, Black Diamond Alloy Shine and Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels Cleaner – although it’s worth noting that some of them are acid-based.

Whichever cleaner you use, it’s important to follow the instructions about how long to leave it on the wheels and how best to clean with it – whether that’s using a brush or sponge.

Once you’ve finished this step, you need to rinse the alloys and dry them with a microfiber or chamois cloth. Always make sure you do this part, otherwise you’ll end up with unattractive watermarks as the alloys dry.

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