For export sales

  1. For Sales to countries of the EU* the prices quoted on the pages are correct including vat.
  2. For Sales to the Rest of the World you can deduct Sales Tax (vat) but add 25GBP to cover the extra cost of paperwork and additional packing required for International sales, (but every export order is different in terms of the destination country and the goods being sent, so this is not an exact quote).
  3. Delivery costs depend on the WEIGHT of the packages and DISTANCE.
  4. Approximate delivery costs for 4 wheels are:
    • Eire & EU Countries £40 to £100
    • USA and Canada £100 to £200
    • Australia, New Zealand, Rest of the World £150 to £250
  5. If you think you are interested in buying wheels and paying these delivery charges, then:
    • Use the email ENQUIRY FORM to give me full details of your car, full details of your name and address including any zip codes (postal codes) and your choice of wheels
    • I will check if the wheels are available for your car
  6. If you want to proceed with the order you can pay as follows:
    • American Express card: please ring or send numbers by FAX.
    • Visa or Mastercard: please ring or send numbers by FAX.
    • Post an International Bankers Draft payable in Pounds Sterling.
    • by electronic transfer direct from your Bank to my Bank in Pounds Sterling or Euros: I will provide Bank Account details for payment.
    • By PayPal: but I have to add a 2½% surcharge to partly cover the extra costs of this method.
  7. If you use any form of card payment we will need to verify that the deilvery address matches the card holder’s address
  8. Your Bank or Card Issuer will convert the money between Pounds Sterling and your own currency
  9. Please do NOT ask me to quote in US Dollars or other currencies, but we can now also accept payment in Euros. Use the Internet to find out the current value of your currency relative to UK Pounds. Consult Yahoo Currency Converter
  10. Delivery times are 2 to 4 days for EU countries and 3 to 10 days for the rest of the world
  11. Please remember we are a UK based business supplying wheels and tyres for cars normally used in the UK. We have little knowledge of American cars which are not normally driven in this country.
  12. Guarantee. Any goods we supply will normally carry a manufacturers guarantee. We warrant that all goods we send will be in perfect condition when shipped and with additional adequate packing to avoid damage in transit. In the event of any problems arising, and due to the high delivery costs involved for export orders, the buyer will be responsible for the transport costs of returning and replacing any faulty items if we are unable to claim from the carriers.
  13. And finally we have no knowledge of any special rules or regulations regarding importing wheels or tyres or accessories into other countries of the world. You will have to find out if there are any extra taxes or duties to be paid to import these items, and also ascertain if the wheels or tyres or other goods are permitted.

* The countries of the EU are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and all prices quoted on these pages include vat at the UK rate – currently 20% (at 1st Jan 2011).
(for the purposes of VAT – the Channel Islands are treated as outside the EU).

Due to the number of wheels in different sizes and the number of countries in the world I cannot quote exactly for shipping UNTIL I have a definite order. You will have to rely on the approximate figures above as a guide until you have placed an order, or visit the TransGlobal Express web site to get a quote for shipping to your country.