2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic Up For Sale!

If you’re into your classic car alloys and the like, and happen to have a small fortune hidden underneath your bed right now, then what about treating yourself to the 2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic that’s just been put on the auction block.

According to the Daily Express, the car – which has a front lip spoiler, ducktail rear spoiler and Fuchs-style alloys, is basically like new since it’s done just 80 miles on the clock. It’s actually one of the rarest 997-generation Porsches as well, since production models of this vehicle were limited to just 250.

Paul Michaels, chairman of Hexagon Classics which is selling the car, said: “The 911 Sport Classic was such a hit with Porsche collectors that the 250-car limited run sold out even before the company officially announced it. It’s not hard to see why – it harks back to legendary 911s like the 2.7 RS but mixes those classic cues with some well-chosen modifications to make it a proper enthusiast’s machine.

Investing in classic cars is generally speaking a win-win situation for those who choose to splash the cash in this way. Speaking to This is Money, Mr Michaels gave his predictions as to which cars would make the best investment for 2017 – including the Porsche 911. He also recommended picking out Astons, Alfas and Jensens, as well as the Jaguar E-type V12 Series III Roadster.

This latter car went up in value by 15 per cent last year, in part because fewer people are now able to afford the earlier Series 1 six-cylinder cars and also because celebrity interest in such models has increased.

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