Tips To Stay Safe On Icy Roads

With the UK braced to experience a cold snap as we move into March, now is the ideal time to make sure you know how to drive safely in icy and snowy conditions.

Firstly, you need to make sure your vehicle is in good condition before you set off. Top up the screenwash, check your tyre pressures and check that all your lights are working.

Once you set off, you need to remember that when the roads are icy, the grip of your tyres is significantly reduced, and therefore your braking distance will be considerably longer. Make sure you leave a larger gap than normal between your vehicle and the one in front to stay safe.

Keeping your driving smooth – so that’s in terms of acceleration, braking and gear changes – will help avoid any skids, and don’t worry about driving in a higher gear than usual if this helps you improve your car’s grip on packed ice.

Of course, in the UK wintry weather also often means windy weather and that brings its own challenges.

The RAC recently offered some top tips if you’re setting out on a drive in very windy conditions, which include making sure you have supplies in case your journey takes longer than expected, and to carefully plan your journey.

Other top tips include driving more slowly than usual and to be aware of the effect strong winds can have on the handling of your car. Remember that winds gust, so be prepared for sudden blasts of wind, rather than a consistent wind that you can easily anticipate.

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