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Road Hero Space Saver Complete Spare wheel kit

Road Hero – SpaceSaver Wheel Kit


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The RoadHero Space Saver wheel kit is an essential piece of kit to have in your car.

Perfect for those roadside breakdowns that have happened due to a tyre blowout, puncture or other malfunction. With the condition of our roads things such as potholes glass or other obstacles can leave you with a flat tyre or even a broken wheel. In these situations, the RoadHero Space Saver wheel kit is the ideal solution to your troubles and you should be back on the road in no time.

  • compact and light design to fit in your car
  • includes everything you need to change a wheel
  • correct size available for virtually any car
  • available in steel and alloy wheel options
  • chosen by us, tyre and wheel experts

The simple and easy-to-use kit includes a wheel and tyre, as well as a lifting jack, wheel brace and even a carry bag in case your vehicle lacks a wheel well for it to go. The compact kit can be as small as 4×15″ depending on the size of wheel you need for your vehicle. Sizes vary between 4×15″ up to 4×18″ and we sell alloy and steel wheel variants. The various Space Saver wheel kit sizes cover virtually all car models so you can buy with confidence that it will fit your car like a glove. Whether you have a Peugeot or a Mercedes, the RoadHero Space Saver wheel kit is a must-have for any motorist and you’ll be glad you have it in the event of a wheel-related breakdown.

Here at Tyre Save, we have over 20 years of experience and our professional and expert team can answer any questions you may have about the product and would be more than happy to help. We’re experts in tyres and alloy wheels, so we would only sell the very best spare wheel kit in the market to our customers. Order today from us for the best price and a swift delivery, as well as a friendly customer service you can rely on. Call us on 01244 457 642 or get in touch using the form below if you need any help